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Riccafana il precursore del biologico in Franciacorta dal 2006

Franciacorta Wines

Welcome to Riccafana

Our distinguishing spirit is recognized in all our bottles; according to us, everything evolves around our land, our vineyards, our mount Orfano. Every of our wine have a pronounced minerality and flavor because the features of the soils:  they are hard, minerals, difficult to work and in some cases “cursed”, but the grapes that grow up are an exceptional product, sometime exhilarating and this pays off of all the effort employed.

Caring vineyards, the cellar and the bottles is passion, love and emotion

Our philosophy leads us to think that uncorking a bottle doesn’t mean just drinking a good wine, but means  exciting, enthralling, amazing …

As for us in Riccafana, making wine means “Cultivating new emotions”

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