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It is traditional method from organic grapes of Chardonnay and Pinot noir. The flute has a straw yellow colour very soft and cloudy. The nose is strong, with preponderant notes of dried aromatic herbs, fresh flowers, incense and a decisive floral and fruity attack

Imagination meets Evolution

Riccardo Fratus

Technical Data Sheet

Organic Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Wine Making: Soft pressing, inox termoconditioned basins

Prise de Mousse: With addition of biological must, instead of sugar

Ageing: 12 months in inox basins

Refining: 18 months on the yeasts

Degorgement: made without remuage, the natural yeasts drugs are kept to give the slightly turbid appearance

Alcol: 11.5% vol

Colour: straw yellow

Perlage: fine and persistent

Taste: full, strong and longlasting

Smell: Fresh but strong, hints of dried aromatic herbs, incense notes and a decisive floral attack emerge

Taste: Dry and sapid, very fresh and citrine

Matching: It can accompany a meal, with the exception of very sweet desserts. It is particularly suitable for aperitifs or fish dishes

Service Temperature: 6/8°C

Soil Type : Calcareous with a quartz-limestone matrix, partly clayey

Upbringing Method: Guyot

Stumps per Hectare : 5800- 6200

Yield per Hectare: 90 qli

Type: Vsq Traditional Method


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Give yourself an incredible journey through our ancient cellar. Come and taste the organic Franciacorta "La Riccafana" and discover all the secrets of this magical corner in this beautiful land


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