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Horta: a love dedication between East and West

Horta, a great history

Horta, a Traditional Method of pure passion

There are some wines which tell incredible stories… Horta, the latest creation of the cellar La Riccafana, is one of those. It connects a longlasting history, made of passion, love and friendship. It’s aTraditional Method of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, an excellent Brut, as great as the passion that Riccardo Fratus has put in every single bottle.

A bridge between the East and the West

Horta, the name of the ancient goddess of agriculture. An enchanted woman who has always protected the cellar and the vineyards, who has been, ten years ago, the first bridge with the limitless lands of Japan, as it was the name of the first label which has made the wines of La Riccafana known in the East. Fifteen years later, Riccardo Fratus wants to celebrate the special friendship and work- relationship which ties his company with Japan.

Beauty and respect, Taniguchi family’s virtues

La famiglia Taniguki

Taniguchi family

“A relationship based on beauty and respect, the virtues that I learned from the Taniguchi Family and that I put in this bottle: Horta”

The birth of this Amazing creation has been inspired exactly by this virtues, a perfect balance between beauty and respect which comes precisely from the Japanese philosophy. Beauty and care for the product, for the grapes, for the passages of the Traditional Method and the dream to create an extraordinary Brut that truly expresses the powerful side of Monte Orfano.

Horta, a love dedication

Of course, all the hard work done by Riccardo wouldn’t mean anything withourt love, the one which makes the world go round. Hence, behind the face of the Goddess, lies Irina, the love of the life for Riccardo Fratus, the woman who has always been at his side, suggesting him and giving him love and energy, a wife, a friend, a lover…


A long journey made of feelings, emotions and love, which Riccardo Fratus has been able to collect in one single creation. In every sip, a great history, in every bottle, the taste of real love. 






Owner of the cellar and forerunner of organic winemaking.

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