Although present on other sites and portals and in Horeca wine shops, our products can be purchased first of all in our company e-commerce. We invite you to consider the prices that we indicate there as a sure reference proportionate to the value and quality of our wines, beyond the sales policies that you could find elsewhere and only e-commerce authorized by La Riccafana.


27 March 2018

VinitalyBio 2018

I cultivate my vines with passion, I vinify my grapes with love, I bottle my wine with dedication. In my Riccafana cellar you cultivate new emotions […]
3 March 2018

Riccardo Fratus and Riccafana

Riccardo Fratus and Riccafana The story of Riccardo Fratus and his cellar Riccardo Fratus welcomes us in his studio, located right above the cellar where his […]
2 March 2018

Monte Orfano: a treasure in Franciacorta

  Monte Orfano, the only promontory in Franciacorta, interrupts the monotony of the plain and first announces the mountains, living for thousands of years, or rather […]
24 November 2017

Green Manure

“Learn from the past to live the present and dream of the future ”  The meaning of tradition An extremely true quotation! Oh yes, because if […]
23 November 2017


23 October 2017

Satèn: the emblem of Franciacorta.. but what is it really?

It has made Franciacorta great in the Whole World, and after critical success, Forbes has declared it the fourth wine to be absolutely drunk at least […]
13 October 2017

A cellar tour, an unexpected discovery

 A cellar tour, an unexpected discovery What at the beginning seems like a simple trip to La Riccafana, the ancient cellar in the middle of Franciacorta, […]
28 September 2017

Horta: a love dedication between East and West

Horta, a great history There are some wines which tell incredible stories… Horta, the latest creation of the cellar La Riccafana, is one of those. It […]
6 September 2017

Teratis: Red Wine in Franciacorta

Red Wine in Franciacorta A red wine in Franciacorta? Since many years, making a great red wine in Franciacorta has been a Chimera, a fantasy. However, […]
26 July 2017

Franciacorta o Champagne

Franciacorta or Champagne: Differences and Similarites – the ultimate guide! Franciacorta e Champagne seem to be linked with a lasting bond. The italian and the french […]

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