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Monte Orfano: a treasure in Franciacorta


Monte Orfano, the only promontory in Franciacorta, interrupts the monotony of the plain and first announces the mountains, living for thousands of years, or rather millions of years, a solitary life, so far from any other Lombard peak. It is precisely for this reason that it has such a revealing name: Monte Orfano. But its extraordinary nature is not limited to this. In fact, it seems that Monte Orfano is the oldest promontory of the Po Valley, and its origin, difficult to believe: marine. Here, it is right at the foot of this geological unicum that the precious vineyards of Riccafana grow.

In fact, there would not be the precious Riccafana wine, if Monte Orfano were not there to cradle the vines. The relationship between the historic organic winery in Franciacorta and the promontory on which the vineyards grow is indissoluble, linked by a unique relationship throughout the territory. It is impossible to understand all the richness of Riccafana wine without knowing the extraordinary peculiarities of the magical land on which it grows.



A unique conglomerate

All the studies done on Mount Orfano show how unique and extraordinary the promontory is. A hill that attracts scholars from all over Italy. The mountain continues to offer extremely interesting data on the geology of Franciacorta, Lombardy and even the entire national geological territory. This is because the Mount, according to what emerged from the research is the only lithological series of Miocene age of marine origin of the whole Lombardy.


A cellar where there was the sea

This is the amazing discovery also confirmed by the latest studies: the Monte has a marine origin. In fact, according to all the researches so far produced, this conglomerate emerged when the waters that came to lapse the Franciacorta were withdrawn. This explains the extraordinary composition of this land and the discovery of micro and macro fossils. And on this special territory stands one of the most prestigious wineries of Franciacorta: Riccafana.


Riccafana and Monte Orfano

The relationship between Monte Orfano and the Riccafana winery is extraordinary. On the other hand, there are very few Franciacorta wineries that can enjoy such a rich and particular land. Developed on the southern slope of the mountain, Riccafana cultivates its vineyards in a unique microclimate, which guarantees a wine with a strong and defined soul. This is precisely because the geo-climatic condition produced by the mountain offers the possibility of developing unique wines of undisputed superior quality.



Owner of the cellar and forerunner of organic winemaking.

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