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Intense ruby Red, bouquet: Notes of ripe red fruits, jams and spicy aromas. Soft, enveloping taste with a good body results very balanced thanks to the right acidic component

Riccardo Fratus's Red Wine

Riccardo Fratus

Technical Data Sheet

Grapes: 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Making: Low yields of grapes. Manual harvesting, performed belatedly to achieve a full polyphenol maturation of the grapes. Vinification in red with selected yeasts, after more than 20 days of maceration on the skins to encourage the pigment extraction

Ageing: About 12 months in barrique of 225 L, kept in batonage on subtle dregs

Alcol: 15% vol

Acidità totale: 5,70 g/l ac.tartaric

Ph: 3,50

Colour: Ruby Strong Red

Smell: Notes of ripe red fruits, jams and spicy aromas

Taste: Soft, enveloping taste, endowed with a good body results a very balanced wine thanks to the right acidic component

Matching : It accompanies the main and meat dishes. Can last several years in bottle

Service Temperature: 18°C

Origin: Hilly lands of the Monte Orfano, in one of the most characteristic areas of Franciacorta, in Cologne (BS)

Soil Type: Spurred cordon vineyards bred on terraces on the slopes of the mountain. The soils are of clayey calcareous nature with good rocky component. Southwest Exposure


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