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3 March 2018

Riccardo Fratus and Riccafana

Riccardo Fratus and Riccafana The story of Riccardo Fratus and his cellar Riccardo Fratus welcomes us in his studio, located right above the cellar where his […]
24 November 2017

Green Manure

“Learn from the past to live the present and dream of the future ”  The meaning of tradition An extremely true quotation! Oh yes, because if […]
6 September 2017

Teratis: Red Wine in Franciacorta

Red Wine in Franciacorta A red wine in Franciacorta? Since many years, making a great red wine in Franciacorta has been a Chimera, a fantasy. However, […]
26 July 2017

Franciacorta o Champagne

Franciacorta or Champagne: Differences and Similarites – the ultimate guide! Franciacorta e Champagne seem to be linked with a lasting bond. The italian and the french […]